History of MCA-SMACNA of San Antonio

  • MCA of San Antonio was a successor to several previous similar associations and was finally incorporated about 1952. Founding members included Kurt A.J. Monier, Rigdon Terrell, Louis Mosel, Sr., Bill Gibson, T.W. Neely, Otto Tezel, Bob Cotter, Buddy Mueller, Aubrey Wilson, Ed Tschoepe and Pressly Schafer. These founders were driven by a passion for excellence that remains today as evidenced by the family-owned companies with 2nd and 3rd generation successes. Some of these outstanding industry leading corporations have celebrated 75-100 years in business helping to build San Antonio and South Texas.
  • In the early days there was no formal sheet metal contractors association. Around 1979, this group of sheet metal contractors decided to form an organization calling itself the San Antonio Sheet Metal Contractors Association. In 1992 the Mechanical Contractors Association and Sheet Metal Contractors Association of San Antonio partnership was formed by merging these two groups under one umbrella. In 1999 a new name was established, MCA-SMACNA of San Antonio.
  • Our association consists of 48 member firms with a long history of organizational successes. We are continually looking to grow as non associated companies learn the benefits MCA-SMACNA of San Antonio has to offer.